Monday, 16 April 2018

Spring Fashion Trends 2018 | Part 1 | Florals

Floral patterns can be found in a variety of ways in our fashion right now, making options for wearing blossoms endless. I love how this trend allows me to express my femininity! The type of flower and size of print can create different feelings and then how you pair the floral print could create an ultra girly look or something more playful. Here are some florals I am wearing right now!

This delicate floral patterned camisole is from Kokomo's Suntanning & Swimwear Outlets Inc. The satin fabric and muted hues create a super girly look I love. A perfect pretty top for day or night!

The Bella Notte Wrap Dress from Lace & Charm makes me feel some kind of way! I tried it on with the flesh coloured heals I am wearing in the next set of pictures and would wear that combo to a wedding this summer. Moody weather over the weekend called for something a little different. I love how this dress completely transforms into a rustic feminine look, when I pair it with cowboy boots.  

For a strong and feminine mix, I paired these Jasmine Floral Pocketed Joggers from Lace & Charm with the strongest fabric of all, denim. These joggers are crazy comfortable and I will be rocking them right into summer with slides and a tank. 

Embroidered floral designs add interesting texture to any outfit and when applied on top of an existing pattern, creates a lively look that is sure to catch some attention! This floral embroidered gingham top is from H&M in the Lambton Mall.  

My feminine layers run deep and I love how this seasons florals allow me to express those different layers as I step out this Spring. What are your favourite floral patterns to wear right now? 

Friday, 13 April 2018

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Spring Beach Walk

Spring was peeking through this morning! Yesterday I told Luke it was going to warm today and asked him what he wanted to do, he responded "lets go to the beach". Great idea bud. Spring is so refreshing, new activities, longer days, warmer weather, cleaning and organizing, it all feels so good. Especially after being sick the last week, the Spring vibes at Canatara Park helped to renew our perspective.

I could not believe how turquoise the water was today. Lizzy did not love the feeling of walking on the sand at first but I got her into throwing rocks into the water and that made her happy. Luke was in his element, wandering, exploring and finding the best rocks for tossing into the lake. I have said it before, I love the beach any day of the year!

Happy Spring friends!

Friday, 6 April 2018

Spring Makeup Tutorial | Caryl Baker Visage Free Spirit Collection

I have been having so much fun creating a glowing spring face with the Caryl Baker Visage, Free Spirit Collection the last week. I instantly loved this palette because when I have almost everything I need in one place, it makes life easier and I am all about efficiency. The mirror in the palette is huge for an easy full face application. The makeup pans are individually refillable which is smart so I can refill just my favourite colours when they run out. The pigments are vibrant and the products are blendable.

All of the shades in this collection compliment each other beautifully so I will be able to create a variety of looks. I don't like to limit myself to just use shadows on my eyes and blush on my cheeks so I consider all colours fair game for creating new looks. In the makeup tutorial below, I show you how I used one of the eyeshadows to contour my face. I hope you will check out this tutorial, I share lots of tips for using the Free Spirit Collection and some more reasons I love this makeup! If you want to try the Free Spirit Collection for yourself, you can visit a Caryl Baker Visage location and have the colours applied on you. That is one of the reasons I love CBV, you have an opportunity to try the products before you buy them, with the assistance of a Face Expert.

Here is the full makeup tutorial. 

You can find a full description and pricing on the Caryl Baker Visage Free Spirit Collection here.

If you are in Sarnia you can connect with our Caryl Baker Visage on Facebook or Instagram.

Many more spring makeup tutorials, beauty tips and fashion trends to come.