Thursday, 10 April 2014

Maternity Fashion 18 to 20 Weeks

Well, my body is starting to change shape and my regular clothes, mostly pants, are not fitting me.  As a self proclaimed fashionista, it is important for me to still reflect my personal style through my pregnancy and into motherhood.  This being said, I don't want go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe for my changing body.  My friend Dawn was generous enough to loan me some dress pants and jeans which have been great for work.  I also found a few regular women's dresses on sale at H&M that are cotton stretch and I may even be able to wear after pregnancy.  So far I am feeling good about styling my bump, here are some of my fav looks so far. 

Thank you for stopping by, continue to follow me as I share my maternity fashion journey.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Letter To God From A Soon To Be Mom

Dear God,

First, I would like to thank you for blessing my husband and I with a child and for giving me a husband who loves me and cares for me so well.  I know this new blessing will fill our lives with so much love.  Through the first trimester I was feeling great but lately I have felt as if my emotions and thoughts are out of my control.

I am about 4 months pregnant and I am having a lot of anxiety and worry about this big life change.  Some of the worry's,  I know are silly, but I can not stop them from popping into my head and then filling me with negative emotions.  I am sure as a mother there will always be things for me to worry about and I do not want to be this mother, weighed down by worry.

So I have decided, before our baby is even born, I will give all of this worry and anxiety to you.  I give my life to you once more and I  put our child's life in your hands as well.  I know that ultimitley you have a plan for me and my family and as difficult as it is for me to give you control, I know you are better at running my life than I am.  I make mistakes everyday and I will never be perfect but I know with you by my side I will grow, I will be happier and I will have the strength to find peace in difficult situations.  I will find the strength to be a loving example of what your love looks like, lived through people here on earth and maybe because of my trust in you, some of the people that cross my path will learn to trust you as well.

Forgive me for not trusting you every time I have said I will in the past, my own will to solve problems comes between us and I do not want to do that anymore.  Allow me to trust that you will guide me where I need to be, to assist you in making changes in my mind, heart and life.

God, thank you for paying the price of my sin before it happened, thank you for loving me now and thank you for always living in my heart, even when I feel as though you are far.  You are am amazing, compassionate and loving Father and I want to live my life doing your will and experiencing all the joy you have planned for me in this lifetime.

Sincerely, A Mom To Be

Monday, 3 March 2014

Gratitude Monday

I heard our baby's heart beat for the 3rd time today, it is pretty cool.  I still can't really believe there is someone growing inside me.

I have been feeling pretty great through my pregnancy so far, aside from being very tired at the end of the day and a little moody.  The moodiness is really what I notice the most, I was already a pretty emotional person but my irritability is at a new level.  I am trying to recognize when it happens and keep myself in check because at the end of the day, I am just so grateful there is a healthy baby growing inside me.

There are so many things to be grateful for today, on this Gratitude Monday, like the fast heart beat of a 15 week old baby.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Lets Share Honestly

I got a message this week from a friend who shared her difficult birth story with me before she knew I was pregnant.  She messaged me to apologize for being so detailed in her difficulties and said that if she had known I was pregnant, she would not have shared all the details she did.

I thought about this before I responded, I so appreciated her concern for my mental well being but the information she shared did not make me upset.

She shared her experience with me honestly, that was her experience and it was not great.  She continued to tell me she would do it a million times over to get her son because she is so overwhelmed by the love he has brought to her and her husbands lives.  If anything, I was inspired by her strength and the new love she has inside her that obviously knows no boundaries.  I don't think I quite have an understanding of this love yet but I am sure as soon as I meet my child, I will be right there with her.

This situation made me think though, about how we communicate with each other?  Do we just share the good stuff because we don't want to make others uncomfortable, or we do not want to give them the wrong impression about the love we have for the people in our lives.

Well, I want friends who will share with me honestly, friends who will tell me the good stuff and the bad because that is what life is about, at least my life is.  My life is imperfect, rough around the edges and some days are just plain harder than others.  I don't want friends who can not share honestly and just want to paint everything to be perfect because I won't have much in common with them.

Lucky for me, I do have friends that I can share the ups and downs of my life with who understand my heart and never judge me for what I say, they are just there for whatever I need that day.  I strive to be this type of friend as well.

My favourite blogs to read, especially the writers who are mothers, are the ones who are honest, who share their experience of a heart that could burst with love at any moment but also that its hard to be a mom sometimes.  Thats how I want to share and thats who I want my friends to be, because I think, its a little easier to get through those hard days, when you know you are not the only one who has those experiences.

Open up, share honestly and you never know who may feel a connection to you!

Monday, 17 February 2014

A Family Of Friends

A few weeks ago we were at a Super Bowl party at our friends house.  This group of friends are the people that Tyler grew up with, their parents are friends and now everyone our age  is starting their own families and those kids are becoming friends.

When I first met everyone over 7 years ago I told Tyler that what everyone here shares is something more than friendship and he is so lucky to have a group of friends that are pretty much like a family.  I have seen this group come together to support someone through a hard time, build a deck or a re shingle roof and definitely be there to celebrate with you when something great happens.  They are great people who value their friendships and I know what they have, it is something you do not see everyday.

Tyler and I had the pleasure of really feeling this support and encouragement when we got married.  As we shared with everyone our news of being pregnant and starting a family, the support and love continues for this next stage of our life.

Its comforting to know there is a community of people that Tyler and I have surrounding us, that we can lean on and look to for advice as we enter this next phase of our life.  We call them our friends but they are more like family, one we were not born into but one we chose.

Your biological family is who they are, they are probably not going to change and I have learned that if there is something that I need from someone in my life, I have the power to fill my life with the people that enrich it, and hopefully I can do the same for them.  I have chosen to make my family over time with the people I love, blood or not and build my family of friends.

We are blessed for the great people our lives have been filled with! Happy Family Day!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Lost In The Crowd

I am in London on work today and currently killing some time at a Starbucks down the street from where I am meeting Meghan for dinner.  My schedule worked out great today, I had to travel for a meeting this afternoon and Meghan had the day off so we are meeting for dinner.  We have been talking about trying to meet in London once in a while for dinner so we can see each other face to face more often and so today we made it happen.

I have about two hours between my meeting and dinner tonight so I found a Starbucks, grabbed myself a latte and am working away on email and doing a little blogging as well.  I am inspired as I sit in a little spot where no one knows me, thinking about what it would be like to live in a bigger city again?

I lived in Toronto in my early twenties for awhile and one of the things that I really liked and hated about the big city was getting lost in the crowd.  I enjoy being alone and my independence but in a small town like Sarnia, its not always easy to get lost in the crowd and be alone.  So, when I have the opportunity to sit, quietly, people watch and hang out with me, I relish in the moment.

I don't want to stay in those moments forever because I love to be with my favourite people too but from time to time, I need time alone.

There are of course downsides to big cities, like trying to find parking near your desitation so you do not need to walk more than 5 minutes in the -15 degree weather, these are the things that make me grateful for my small town.

Anyways, I thought I would just share some thoughts from the corner of the coffee shop.

Until next time……..

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Weekly Blessings

At the end of this week I am thankful for:

Heated seats in my car - It has been uncharacteristically cold around Sarnia Lambton so a fast warming car has been a blessing.

Friends that live close - The cold makes Tyler and I feel like staying home, lucky for us we have amazing friends that live super close.  Its easy to get together and they make us feel like we are at home in theirs.

Siblings - I have two younger sisters and Tyler has two younger brothers and this week we have had some pretty great times with our siblings, we both feel so blessed that we can call our siblings our friends.

Old friendships that rekindal -  In the last month I have had the opportunity to reconnect with some of my oldest friends, it feels so right and makes my heart happy.  I am amazed at the imprint that is left on our adult lives when a person has been such a large part of our childhood.

Grandparents - Tyler and I had a visit with his Grandma and Grandpa yesterday and we looked at some old pictures and had a good chat.  I love listening to there perspectives and advice for Tyler and I in our marriage, they speak from a place of experience and love and have an end result that is admirable.  You can tell they still care very much about their relationship and the state of their family, it is comforting to know we are a part of this strong family unit.

I would love to know what you are grateful for this week, please leave a comment and share your blessings.

xoxo Audrey