Thursday, 14 December 2017

OOTD | Juxtapose

I wore this look two weeks ago when it was warmer for a meeting, errands and because my second meeting of the day cancelled and I had an aunt on kid duty, I treated myself to lunch and work at Blackwater Coffee. I love days like this, its a luxury to run so many errands in one day and then sit and do what I love.

My thought behind this look was to create an interesting mix with a super dressy, super pretty top that I rarely get to wear, by pairing it with more casual items. I loved how this look came together and this is a technique I use often when I want to wear a special, dressy piece for everyday, I juxtapose it with something casual.

The Look

Moto Jeggings from Lace & Charm 
I have talked about these before, they are on repeat in my wardrobe for their style, comfort and the colour is a fun neutral.

I have showcased similar items from the outfit in the images below.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

These Days | December 2017

We run around fast to the song "Run Run Rudolph" 

We sing all the Christmas carols

We talk about Jesus 

We run the mall and do small amounts of Christmas shopping 

We eat more treats than usual

We build a lot of forts 

We read Christmas books 

I get to experience Christmas from a child’s perspective 

Hope is stronger in my life than it has ever been before

I am very aware of my blessings 

I try to balance my passion for motherhood, wife life and excitement for my business because too much of everything is not good for me

I am learning self control is a large component to success in all areas of life 

I am not good with self control  but I am getting better 

We get to spend so much time with family

The home renovations continue 

I feel God’s direction in all areas of my life stronger than ever before, it’s not always comfortable 

I am sinking into the slowness of winter 

We snuggle on the couch 

We pile marshmallows on our hot chocolate 

I have yet to write and send my Christmas cards, (it may not happen again this year)

These days are a blessing, all of these days, thank you Lord for these days.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

How To Apply False Lashes | HAL Makeup Artistry

False lashes are the perfect topper for any holiday makeup look. In this tutorial I am giving you some techniques to make your personal false lash application easier, check it out below.

I am now booking makeup appointments for New Years Eve, you can email me to book your time, I travel to you.

Friday, 8 December 2017

LOTD Winter Weekend Wardrobe | Knit Wit

I wore this look last weekend to Christmas On The Farm. I don't follow a lot of rules these days when I get dressed so while some may think this is a lot of knit in one outfit, I loved how it came together and the comfort level was equal to wearing a blanket.

I remember when I was a girl I would make fun of my mom for dressing super warm but not always looking super chic. Now that I am a mom (and mature woman) I am so over sacrificing warmth for style (sorry mom now I get it) but I think I struck an even balance with this outfit. I did wear a coat to Christmas On The Farm  and my rule for winter coats these days is, they need to cover my bum to truly do the job. Lessons learned along the road I guess.

All of the pieces in this outfit are items I have had for years but I found similar items and showcased them in the carousel below if you want to shop this look. I featured some key makeup pieces I am wearing as well.

Please share your Canadian winter dressing rules, tips and tricks in the comments.