Friday, 24 November 2017

A Christmas Tree Tradition

I totally have Clark Griswold syndrome: 'a person who dreams of unachievable standards for special family events'. That is my personal definition of the syndrome but explains me well.

The Christmas tree farm was so fun and continues to be a Christmas tradition that I look forward to but the reality of so much of these holiday activities don't always show up in the pictures shared here so let me break it down for you a little.

Raise your eggnog with me, to the real memories we are creating with our families

Heres to:

missing your turn, backtracking and arguing about directions

crying babies as you jam them into snowsuits that restrict them from walking

bringing the hot dogs to roast over the fire but forgetting to bring pokers for actually roasting them

ornament clusters created by littles, close to the bottom of the tree

kids who loose interest in tree decorating after 5 minutes

eating candy canes and sticky messes all over the house

trying to take a billion pictures and sometimes annoying your husband

These are the things we will probably forget as we look back at the pictures of our holidays and remember all the best parts. But really its all the best parts, its all part of the journey, the experience and the memories we create.

Here is a vlog of the day as well. Feel free to share any of your candid holiday moments in the comments below, I love you guys and love hearing from you.

I hope your Christmas is off to a great start.


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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A Letter To My Lizzy

Dear Elizabeth

You are a girl, wonderfully and purposefully made! Designed by your Heavenly Father that imagined each one of your details and characteristics and how they would propel you into the work He created you to do, work only you can do. Your uniqueness is your strength, it is a challenging strength to embrace but the most powerful. 

Our Heavenly Father made me the same way but with my own strengths! 

Isn’t that amazing! 

I think it’s amazing!

He made all women that way, surround yourself with woman and men who are amazing in the areas you are a little more weak.

Learn from others.

Do not be intimated by someone else's strengths, be amazed at the wonderful and different things God has done in the lives of those around you.

God is doing amazing work in you, sometimes its just a little trickier to see that in ourselves but it is happening.

Eat and love your body. Food is nourishment, to be respected and enjoyed.

Modesty is beautiful.

Think humbly and positively about yourself and only speak words about yourself that you would speak of others, we are all precious.

Try your best not to waste time and energy worrying. When you feel the worry begin, call on God, stop and pray and ask for guidance.

Work on being flexible. Hold firm to your standards but be willing to hear others out.

Love, you can never love enough.

Love can be a scary thing but it is always worth the risk.

Your brother is your best friend.

Serve others and do it to the best of your ability. 

I think you are amazing but at the end of the day I want you to always know God thinks you are amazing too. You are not amazing based on your grades, your appearance or who your friends are, you are amazing because you are Gods, a daughter of The King and that is something you should be proud of. It’s also a responsibility to be a daughter of The King. We need to live different, we live in the world but we are of heaven and there will be many times that what we believe conflicts with our surroundings, that is ok.

Be joyful, just like you are now. Overly and easily excited, its fun to get excited, it feels good. The world needs more joy and excitement.

I love you no matter what.

God loves you no matter what.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Chatting About Sin | HAL | Christian Vlogger

I have had so many questions about sin lately. Hang out with me as I dig into some scripture to find some answers and share my thoughts. Please comment below with your thoughts and favourite scripture regarding this topic. And, thank you for checking out this video.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Shop Local Sarnia Tour 2017

Oh my goodness, I had the most fun touring around last weekend with my friend Cass, sipping all the coffee and checking out some amazing spots in Sarnia to Christmas shop and get ready for special holiday events.

Here is the full video of our Shop Local Sarnia Tour 2017. This video is sure to inspire your gift giving. Lets have fun exploring the awesome shopping, eating and events we have in our local community.

Learn more about the businesses featured in this post:

This downtown clothing store is known for their fitness clothing, quality leggings and stylish pieces that will take you from the gym to the street. Did you know though, they also carry denim, outerwear, accessories and so much more! My current favourite pair of jeans are from One Tooth. The owners and staff are fun and friendly and proud to retail all Canadian products.

My favourite online boutique brings us fresh LA style right to our door. There pieces are unique and always make me feel effortlessly chic, even when I am just hanging with the kids. They are always adding new items to their store and sharing tons of fashion inspiration on their Instagram, its so fun to follow along.

If you need to refresh your makeup bag, rework your skin care regime or freshen your face, the face experts at Caryl Baker Visage will be able to help you. Their trained professionals will welcome you into the salon, invite you to sit back and relax and help you choose products and treatments that are perfect for your specific needs.

This art studio and store showcases a lifestyle that is close to my heart, the lake life. As I strolled through, the colours and shapes of the art and gifts on display, it was like looking at reflections of all my memories on the beach. Anyone who loves the lake will love what this store has to offer, showcasing Ontario artists. I was so inspired to see the unique ways that glass has been transformed into useable art for homes, custom orders are also available.

If you are prepping for a big holiday party, take some of the pressure off and treat yourself to a style by a professional at this chic downtown salon. The atmosphere is warm and friendly and the experienced stylists will use their pro tools and products to make you look your best. Styling my hair is not my strength and it always feels so good to have someone else take care of it.

There is a reason the name of this business includes the word 'gallery'. Walking around Artopia is an art gallery experience. The store is curated and captivating and I just want my walls to be as sophisticated as the ones in this store. As also stated in the name and as you will see in the video, the framing options for your one of kind art pieces are endless and are sure to be handled by experienced professionals. The artists showcased are all Canadian and each piece is one of a kind, how amazing is it that we have this gem here in Sarnia!

Again, I am so grateful to my friend Cass  for her enthusiasm and talent, working with me to capture the passion that each of these local businesses brings to our community.

I would love to know your favourite Sarnia spots to shop, eat and enjoy, please share them in the comments.

I am going to start saying it folks,