Monday, 2 May 2016

I Am A Mother

I am a mother

I nap sometimes and go to bed early when my house is dirty. 

I care for a household. 

I am proud to see my child grow in independence. 

I am scared for the days when he needs me less and less. 

I love to cook, bake, eat and feed people. 

I look forward to my child's bedtime so I can have quiet time. 

I watch my child while he sleeps. 

I like to run when I can, practice yoga and walk. 

I love being with my family. 

I love being alone. 

This job is messy. 

This job is the funnest one I have ever had. 

I cry more after becoming a mom. 

I drink coffee and pop and give my child juice. 

I fill my home with healthful food and sometimes we eat pizza. 

I get frustrated and loose my cool. 

I play, laugh and tickle. 

I love my husband, my partner in parenthood, I would never want to do this role without him. 

I read books with my child. 

I watch TV with my child. 

I put the TV on for my child when I want to do my makeup and hair for the day. 

I pray a lot. 

I get all my strength from God. 

I think, "motherhood is the best blessing I have ever received."

I think "motherhood is hard stuff."

I am on my phone a lot. 

Sometimes I leave my phone at home.

I think my friends who are moms are the best mothers for their children.  

I think we moms are just too hard on ourselves sometimes. Give yourself a break, your doing the best you can and that's amazing work. Happy Mothers Day! 

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Shops @ 155 Front

Last weekend I attended a fashion event at Shops @ 155 Front with my friend Rachel. We were greeted with goodies, refreshments and excited business owners as we walked into the building.

The fashion show started with Esby and Soph. The clothes were cute and the models even cuter. If you have never been into Esby and Soph, they have really cool children's clothing and unique items to make a parents life more stylish and functional. 

Next we got to see fashions from One Tooth in action on women of all shapes and sizes. They have everything from your basic black yoga gear to extremely stylish fitness clothing that could take you from the yoga mat to a coffee date! They are even carrying jeans now! 

The event was hosted at Inner Dawn Yoga, my favourite yoga studio in Sarnia! I have been out of my yoga routine for awhile but being in that space was calling me back to my mat. I hope to get to the stroga (stroller yoga) classes Lisa is teaching this spring/summer in the park. You can check out her full schedule here - online IDY class schedule

What I loved most about this event was the passion I witnessed from the business owners. As they talked about their businesses, products and services, I couldn't help but get excited along with them. Our downtown has some amazing businesses working hard to bring our community unique items that enhance our lives in many ways. I encourage you to give a little extra thought next time your in need of something and learn about what is available to you locally, I promise the product quality and experience will never disappoint.

Our locally owned businesses also care about our community and work hard to give back. Next week Inner Dawn Yoga is hosting a karma yoga class in support of One Spark during First Friday at 5:30pm. The class is free to the public with donations at the door going to support the work of One Spark. One Spark's goal is to eliminate obstacles to financial sustainability for women facing violence. We believe that increasing opportunities for women to achieve financial security is a critical component of supporting the transition to a violence free life.

Next Friday is First Friday and there is going to be a ton of fun stuff going on downtown. I hope to see you at the Inner Dawn Yoga karma class or pop in later to say hi and learn a little more about One Spark as I will be hanging out all night.


Monday, 25 April 2016

Bright Spring Makeup Tutorial By HAL

Grab some colourful cosmetics and lets create a fresh and cheerful look for spring. Also enjoy a little singing and me in my rollers as I get ready for a night out, just trying to keep it real for you guys.

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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Sin Separates

I was wrestling with some stuff last month, basically I did something I knew I shouldn't have done.

I'm going to side step for a moment here, the more I get to know God and who I am in Him, the clearer it becomes to me the direction I should be going with my life. I am aware when God is telling me "thats not a good idea" but in this specific situation I was like "well God what if this" and tried to rationalize my choice. In the end, God was right and I took the hard road by not listening to Him in the first place.

Sometimes it feels like I am giving something up or giving in on something when I try to obey Gods will for my life but thats only because my perspective of Gods plan is so narrow. I believe just like we as parents guide our children from danger, God does the same for us. You know as a parent your child is not going to be happy with your decision but you know its the best choice for them.

So what happens when I do what I know I am not suppose to do? It makes it hard for me to hang with my Heavenly Father because I am filled with guilt. I don't feel worthy to be in His presence so I stay away and then things just get messier because I am really no good without Him. Eventually I confess and work with Him to fix my mess but all that time, trouble and mixed emotions could have been avoided if I just did things His way in the first place.

Lucky for you and I our Heavenly Father is awesome, forgiving and a professional at using everything we are for His glory, even our messes.

Today I am grateful for forgiveness and a Heavenly Father that chases after me to bring me back in, when I have stepped away, a Heavenly Father that does not keep a record of my mistakes and wipes away my sins as soon as I ask for His forgiveness. Redemption is an amazing gift that allows me to move forward as a child of The One True King!


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