Thursday, 22 March 2018

Embracing Mama Bear

I am a mama bear.

I love my children ferociously.

I love my children softly.

I teach them skills that will help them navigate their world.

I pray and trust in God's guidance.

I make decisions on behalf of my children.

I hope my decisions are the right ones.

I get tired and I growl at everyone around me.

I feel guilty sometimes.

I feel so intensely.

I love other mamas.

I respect other mamas.

I love my own mama bear.

Some days I am just surviving.

Some days I make amazing things happen.

I resisted the changes that this role brought to my life even after giving birth to my first child but I could only resist for so long, now that I have embraced mama bear, I am so much more joyful.

Embracing mama bear.

Monday, 19 March 2018

OOTD | Spiritual Gangster

I always get a ton of love for this Spiritual Gangster sweatshirt when I wear it. I originally purchased it from Lenox in Sarnia but I linked some similar styles below. I have also shared the makeup details for this look, I am currently loving full coverage foundation, bright lips and false lashes. And sweatshirts, all the sweatshirts, as mentioned in this post here . I hope your week is off to a great start guys, I have some more fun posts coming at you this week but I would love to know what your favourite content types are, family, fashion, faith, beauty, lifestyle, food? Comment below or on social media, I want to know!

Friday, 16 March 2018

KISS PR Unboxing

I love KISS Beauty products and was so excited to receive this PR package, I wanted to share it with you. I normally purchase my KISS products from Walmart. I hope you like this video, I will be sharing more about these products as I use them, here and on Instagram.

Here is the link to my KISS False Nail Review

Here is the link to my False Eyelash Application Tutorial

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Family Fitness | YMCA Sarnia-Lambton

If you guys follow me on Instagram  and saw my post announcing my partnership with YMCA Sarnia-Lambton  than you know I have committed to start a wellness journey for myself and my family. I had been considering a family membership at our YMCA for a few months, taking a tour and experiencing some of the family activities that are offered. From our very first visit, I knew I wanted to be a member.

I took the kids to the Indoor Playground one Saturday morning, Luke and Elizabeth had a blast! I loved that they were having fun and getting some exercise but what really pulled me in was the sense of family and community in the atmosphere. There were families all around being active, engaging as groups and hanging out, I wanted my family to be a part of that. I even joked to Tyler when I came home from our first play, that we should consider moving to Sarnia so we could be closer to the YMCA.

Since becoming members, Tyler and I have had a few workouts and some much needed relaxation utilizing our Y Plus Membership. We have been swimming as a family and have registered Luke for the YMCA Gymnastics program that starts at the end of March. We are so excited to experience all that the YMCA Sarnia-Lambton has to offer our family.

I believe wellness is a life long journey, like anything in my life that is a priority it will require thought, planning and effort. I enjoy fitness and activity and know when I eat well and exercise, I feel my best. My children will learn by my lead so I feel very fortunate that they can be a part of this journey. Even when we can't be active together, they can learn that I value physical fitness when they see me setting time aside for personal physical activity. I can not do most of the things on my to do list alone, motherhood is definitely a team sport. I have started to utilize the Child Minding available at the YMCA Sarnia-Lambton to make it easier for me to schedule my workouts. I want to be active as an individual so I can be healthy and energized for my family.

My goal is to never give up on this wellness journey. There will be really great weeks and months when being active on a regular basis comes more easily and there will be times when other priorities get shuffled to the top of my list but I can always come back. Before my first workout a few weeks ago, it had actually been years since I had been in a gym but after just a few minutes getting
reacquainted with the free weights, some of my old routines came right back to me.

I am running a marathon not a sprint and I am excited to run this race well by making good small choices each day. I am glad to have started the race by becoming a member of the YMCA Sarnia-Lambton as a huge step in the improvement of my family's wellness.

I would love to know how you stay motivated to make healthy choices each day, please share below or on social media. Join the fun on Instagram and hang with me at the gym in my stories.