Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Thank You

This week I completed writing all of my thank you cards for the gifts we received from baby showers and when we first brought Luke home.  I probably should have completed them sooner then now but hey, I am a new mom and snuggling with my little guy was higher on the priority list.

We received so much love from our family and friends, it was really nice to personalize our gratitude in each thank you card.

Can I tell you, don't under estimate the power of a positive comment.  After becoming a mom, I think I probably could have said some better things to the moms that came before me, those moms new just what to say to make me feel good.  My favourite comment of all was "your doing a great job", its so simple but it meant so much.  Just thinking of this makes my eyes well up a little because you know what, at first, I wasn't sure if I was doing a great job.  Having one of my awesome mom friends tell me I was doing a good job, gave me the boost of confidence I needed to push through the day.

To sum this little rant up, pump up the people around you with love and positivity because I guarantee you, it will go a long way!

"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world." - Unknown

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Gratitude Monday - A New Roof

So this weekend was a great one, we got a new roof!  Tyler worked hard with his amazing brothers and friends through the weekend to re do our house and garage roof.  I love the town we live in, I love our little community of family and friends and I love my hard working husband.

Today I am grateful for the new roof to keep us warm and dry all winter and the hard work from our loving friends and family that went into it.

Happy Monday folks, I hope you have a great week!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

I know some people think it's too early to begin celebrating Christmas but when there are so many fun things to do and enjoy in the holiday season, you have to start early.  Here is a list of things I want to enjoy over the Christmas season.

Watch my favourite Christmas movies
Christmas Vacation 
The Family Stone 
Home Alone 
How The Grinch Stole Christmas 

Hand write Christmas cards 
I love writing the cards with personalized notes and sending them off fills me with holiday cheer.  Receiving Christmas cards in the mail makes my day and I love to do something decorative each year to display the cards I have received, its old school but sometimes you just need a little old school in your life. 

Make my Christmas gifts
This is a new one for me this year and I don't plan on making all of my Christmas gifts but I have ideas for a few.  My goal with this tradition is to focus less on gifts and more on the true meaning of Christmas and giving in general. 

Go for a walk through The Celebration Of Lights
A holiday tradition we are lucky to have here in Lambton County to help us Sarnian's get in the Christmas spirit. 

Spend a day in Bothwell at Sloan's Christmas Tree Village
Tyler and I started this tradition two years ago with our niece Marley and now I am excited to share it with Luke too! Insert the carolling of "Oh Christmas Tree" here.

Bake some delicious holiday treats 
I love to bake so that I can obviously eat the delicious baked goods but I also love to share them with friends and family. 

Attend a few holiday parties 
Holiday parties are the best!  House parties are warm and cozy and events at halls and restaurants always have a little extra glitz and glam this time of year.  I also love the opportunity to sport my sequin clothing and sparkly makeup. 

Give back to the community
This year I have been feeling a desire to donate baby essentials to our local food bank The Inn Of The Good Shepherd .  Having my own child and my own difficulties breast feeding, has made me consider the needs of young families less fortunate than us.  Our focus for giving this year will be on young families.

So, you can see with everything I would like to accomplish to celebrate Christmas, it is essential that I begin in November, Christmas deserves at least two months of celebration!

Merry Christmas! 

I Will Remember

This morning I read "Young Sons" by Bill Mitton.  It was shared by someone I follow on Instagram  and its the first time I have read this poem.  I read it and the reality of this new angle and understanding of the loss that comes from war washed over me.

A mother takes down a photo
And she holds it to her breast
Just has she’d done the child it shows
The little boy she’d washed and dressed.
She remembers how his hair felt
His soft scent still fills her nose.
And one again she curses, 
the path her young son chose.
With boyish smile, and happiness
he’d picked the shilling and the gun
she remembered still the fear and dread
when he told her what he’d done.
Yet she’d smiled and waved him off
as only a loving mother could
If God was good, her smiling son
would return as young son’s should.
but then fickle fate, it knows no God
it makes it’s judgments where it will
and IED’s they don’t discriminate
about who they should maim or kill.
So young son’s often come home
fulfilling all their mothers fears
not with happy smiles and laughter
But, draped in flags and mother’s tears. 
Bill Mitton

When I was a child and they talked about war in school, I wondered what it would be like to have my father go off to war.  As a married women I wondered what it would be like to have my husband fight in wars and now as a mother, with these words in my head, I wonder about the pain a mother would feel to have to send her young son off to war.  Luckily I have never had to experience any of these pains.

Today Luke and I went for a swim at the Petrolia pool and then for a walk through pretty downtown Petrolia.  We stopped at the war memorial for a moment of silence and to show our respect for those who have fought for our freedom.  I read all the names of the soldiers on the memorial, something I have not done before, and I thought about all the people in their lives that were effected by their loss.

I am so grateful, more than ever today, for the great sacrifices of those who fought and fight to protect our country so we can live free.  I am proud to be Canadian and glad to live and raise a family where I do.  I could list all of the things that I am grateful for but my son is starting to wake from his nap.

Thank you to our soldiers and their families!

Lest we forget.


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Luke - 2 Months Old

Luke, your dad and I are enjoying watching you grow, you are a happy baby and a pleasure to be around.  Your second month has been packed with lots of fun activities and milestones.  This month we went on a few road trips and you celebrated two of your first holidays, Thanksgiving and Halloween.  Everywhere we go you are getting tons of love from your family members, you love to snuggle and are laid back with everyone.

One very exciting milestone that you hit this week was beginning to sleep through the night.  You have been a pretty good sleeper from the beginning but we are so grateful that you have started to sleep for 8 hours or more, at a time.  As I mentioned, you are a very snuggly baby and your dad and I agree that when you fall asleep on us, it is the best feeling ever!

You have started to have some pretty big smiles this month too, probably because your sleeping so well ;) and maybe even a few little laughs.  The word "moo" is a sure way to make you smile. 

You like music and when I sing to you, and your also reacting more to your toys.  It's been a good month!  As we get into November I am excited to start sharing Christmas traditions with you and create new ones too! 

Please stay as sweet as you are today, forever!

xoxo Mom 

Monday, 27 October 2014

Why I Blog

I have been blogging for about three years now and I love this creative outlet more today than I did when I started.  I find so much freedom in putting my thoughts down and sharing them with the world.  I have also discovered some amazing bloggers who tell stories about their own lives and experiences in a way that I can relate too, which makes me feel connected to these people that I otherwise may not have had the opportunity to meet.

I started blogging because I was trying to sort out the thoughts inside my head and writing them down really helped.  Then I decided to share these thoughts because of the positive experience I had when reading other blogs.  Having the ability to relate to a bloggers situation gave me comfort knowing I wasn't alone in my feelings and opinions.  So I thought, maybe I can offer someone else this same comfort by sharing my story.

I believe that we have the ability to create amazing connections with others if we simply remove the fear that they may judge us.  Life is not a stream of perfect instagram photos, its messy, disappointing, exciting, hopeful and so much more and for me to feel truly connected with someone, I want to see all of their sides, not just the pretty ones.  And for me to acquire the trust of someone else, I also need to be willing to show all my sides, to me this is the equation to a real relationship.

Social media presents us with the opportunity to connect with people all over the world who share similar interests as we do.  By using social media as a two way communication tool, I have connected with graphic designers in LA, Yoga Teachers that travel the world and regular girls like me who have the same interests as I do.

I blog because it provides me with a creative outlet and a way to share my life with anyone who is interested in taking part in the conversation because I want to connect with people.

My First Baby, My Fur Baby

I always grew up having a dog so when Tyler and I bought our house 7 years ago, I started talking about getting a puppy.  To me, a house just didn't feel like a home until we had a dog.  Tyler finally caved and we went to the pet store to pick out a dog.  I was looking at some pure bread pugs and then Tyler picked Charlie out of the cage, handed him to me and said, "this guy is our dog".  The woman at the store said he looked like a Charlie and we had already been thinking about that name, so we took it as a sign and named him Charlie on the spot. 

Charlie was a very small puppy, just a few pounds when we brought him home so for the first couple weeks we could literally take him everywhere in my purse.  We felt so bad when we had to leave this little thing in a big crate while we were at work all day, we just wanted him with us the rest of the time.  Needless to say, he had us wrapped around his little paw from day one. 

Charlie is spoiled but having him as our first baby taught us a few lessons about discipline that we intend to not let slide with our first born child.  I know that having a puppy and baby is not the same thing but I feel like I have gained some real perspective on parenting from my years with Charlie.

Through my pregnancy he really has been a best friend and a huge support.  There where days where I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was lay on the couch and he was right there with me.  He has walked with me, gained weight with me and as we get closer to delivery, he has become very protective.  I have no doubt he knows something big is coming and he has been ready, each day for the last month.

I do think bringing home the baby will be an adjustment for our fur baby but I think he is going to do great.  I am grateful to have him around the house with me during this time and I am so excited to take him and baby for walks together.  Charlie is also my running partner and I am really looking forward to getting our pace back once this baby arrives, I figure by Christmas we will both have our running stride and post pregnancy weight in check.  I loved Charlie so much before I got pregnant but I have a whole new appreciation for him after we have been through this time together.