Sunday, 22 November 2015

Luke Lately

I really love hanging out with Luke, he makes me smile pretty much all day long. Even when I need to be strict mom, sometimes I am still smiling inside. Luke, here is what you have been up to lately. 

You say "no no" all the time and shake your finger at me (you learned this from me).

You say "ning ning" you learned this from me and your aunt Emily during a very long car ride. I am sorry if I have confused you by teaching you a word that is not real. 

You still love smoothies.

Your favourite protein is pork.

You thrive when you are on a schedule.

You are becoming more independent and confident in yourself, I notice this in the ways you will go to others and play independently more often.

You love to hang with dad and the boys.

You love the Truck book, I can never just read it to you once, it gets read minimum 2 times every time. 

You like to sit on things that are the perfect height for you to sit on by yourself. 

You like to play with toys that require fine motor skills, I think you will have great attention to detail. 

Keep doing you son.

your mom 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

4 Shadows 4 Ways

I needed a little inspiration for my everyday eye shadow look so I challenged myself to create 4 different looks with 4 shadows. I normally have my go to products for each season and these colours are what I have been gravitating towards lately. All of the makeup used in these looks are Arbonne, I love this product line because the pigments are fantastic and you can achieve a variation of intensity from subtle to dramatic. The shadow colours I used were Linen, Java, Ivy and Smoke, all of these shades are great for anyone in need of building an eye shadow collection.

In this video I talk you though how I created these looks. Once I started to play around with the placement of the various colours, I realized I could have created even more. I hope this video inspires you to get creative with the makeup you have in your collection at home.

Thank you for watching!

Monday, 16 November 2015

Family Recipes

This year my sister Emily and I pickled for the first time. We recently popped the top on our pickles and are happily surprised at how well they turned out! I plan on giving some of my pickles away as Christmas gifts or hostess gifts this year but my pickle loving sister may keep hers all to herself :) (she has been obsessed with dill pickles since she was little).  

The recipe we used was from a friends mom, I am so grateful she shared her family recipe with me because I think it will now become a staple recipe in my family cook book too. Its really comforting for me to cook, bake or can with a recipe that has become a tradition in someones family. I like thinking about all of the memories that are wrapped up in that recipe, creating the dish and sharing it with others. 

I love to cook food because I love eating it but most of all I love how it brings people together and allows us to create memories. It is at the centre of almost all holidays and special events and I plan on making it a big part of my family traditions as our family grows up. 

What are some foods or recipes that are special to your family? 


Thursday, 12 November 2015

Think Before You Shop

Christmas is right around the corner and I have started to make my gift giving shopping list. I try not to put all the focus of Christmas on gifts as I believe it is about so much more but I love brainstorming the perfect gifts for my loved ones. You know that feeling when you know you got the perfect gift and it is so hard to wait until Christmas morning for the recipient to open it because you are so excited to see their reaction, I strive for that with the purchase of every gift!

In my shopping and gift giving experience (which I think is pretty extensive), I have found that many of the best gifts can be purchased from a local business here in Lambton County. The local vendors I shop from tend to have unique items that can't be found in big box stores and very often if they don’t have something in stock, they are happy to order it in for you. I also much prefer the shopping experience in a local store because I am often dealing with a passionate business owner who is just as excited as I am, to help me find the perfect gift!

I think shopping local is an amazing way to make your holiday details so much more special. By purchasing my Christmas turkey from a local farmer I am starting my own family tradition that is now part of a family tradition that has been bringing Christmas joy to the dinner table for probably many generations, how cool is that!

It’s not about how much I have but how what I do have, is special. I would rather spend a little more on a few special items than have many not so special items. It’s not about how many presents are under the tree but the uniqueness and thought of those gifts. 

Not only do I encourage you to consider local stores and farmers when doing your Christmas shopping but also the people in your life who run direct sales companies and offer really cool products that can only be purchased through them. If you like to shop online this can be a great way to shop locally without leaving your home. Many direct sales companies provide their Consultants with personalized websites so their clients can shop directly from them online.

The ways to support our local economy with your Christmas dollars are endless and I assure you that shopping locally will fill you and the recipients of your gifts with so much joy.

Here are some of my favourite local stores and vendors to shop from to get you thinking about your gift giving list. Put a little extra thought into your Christmas gift, grab a coffee from your fav local coffee shop and enjoy the Christmas shopping experience that is available to us right here in Sarnia Lambton!

Turkey - Jeffrey Farms

Gifts For Her - Joan Armstrong Silpada

Gifts for Him - Gregs Auto Detailing

Cozy Gifts For The Family - Sticks And Strings

Gifts For The Girls - Shoes @ 144 Front

Gifts For The Whole Family - The Book Keeper

This is just the beginning of some exciting posts and content that I will be sharing here throughout the Christmas season. I love Christmas and I want to share in the awesomeness of this season with you. Check me out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so you don't miss any updates or giveaways.